The Despatch Rally – celebrating phone boxes and motorcycle skills

Posted on: 26th June 2024, by Magrathea


Regular followers of our social media will know that we have a certain ‘fondness for phone boxes’.  Many of us in the business are of an age that the image you conjure up when talking telephones is the traditional red phone box.

So, when we heard about an event that celebrates the phone box alongside the despatch riders of World War 2, we had to get involved.

The Despatch Rally takes place in May in Dorset.  Spread over a long weekend the event puts motorcyclists through their paces with a nod to the traditional training a despatch rider would have endured.  With slow skills tests, speed tests and a hill climb.  However, the highlight of the weekend is a phone box reconnaissance mission!

Each rider is given an old map of the area, so no roads created since 1960 are marked, and over 30 phone boxes are approximately marked on the map.  The riders have to find the phone box and enter their details in the logbook inside to prove they have been there.

The course of the search covers over 100 miles so this is not as simple as it sounds, add in a bit of torrential rain and a few breakdowns, it can be an arduous day!

We were delighted to provide a small bit of sponsorship to help the event go smoothly and thank you to the organisers for inviting the bikers on our team to join the event.