Voice Connectivity

Our voice connectivity services provide a simple, reliable way for our IP clients to connect to high quality carriers around the world. We offer intelligent switching with automatic fail-over and managed call termination using the best routes. We also provide emergency call handling.

Managed National and International Voice Connectivity

Perhaps your requirements are more demanding than basic A-Z services can provide. You may need a bespoke solution spanning continents. Or you require only the best possible call quality and resilience for your service. Our managed national and international voice connectivity can help. […]

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Managed National and International Client A start up IT support
Two-tier billing

Two-Tiered Billing

If you’re a telecommunications provider but you don’t have an in-house billing system, our two-tiered billing service provides the missing link to give you control of customer spending whilst saving costs. Two-tiered billing works seamlessly with our other services, making them more accessible to you. […]

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Emergency Services

Emergency calls to 999/112 are an essential service that we all take for granted, but they are often not available to VoIP users.  As a telephony provider, you are likely to be obliged as part of the General Conditions, to give your users the ability to call 999/112. Access to our emergency services […]

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Emergency services

Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is the UK’s only official “Do Not Call” register for landline and mobile numbers. Registering with the TPS will allow you to cleanse your call lists, so you do not contact members of the public or organisations who have registered their wish not […]

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