Chargeable NTS (number translation service)

Flexibility to keep in touch

If you want to route a non-geographic call to a hidden mobile or geographical number, our chargeable NTS is for you. Whether you are offering voicemail services, call redirects or time-based routing to stay in touch with your customers, you can trust our user-friendly API to manage the service in real time.

Maximum control

You can change from VoIP delivery to PSTN and back, all in real time to match customer requirements.

Manage the costs with chargeable NTS

Our chargeable NTS gives you the flexibility to be able to divert any of our number ranges to any destination in our rate sheet. We debit the costs in real time from your pre-paid account, giving you full control over your finances.

Help when you need it

Our client focus team is here to help with any advice on chargeable NTS.