Magrathea are the UK’s leading supplier of managed, next-generation voice services to business clients.


Using our in-house technology, we offer a wide range of telecommunication services and solutions, with access to virtually unlimited bandwidth and the best carriers in the world.

We were one of the first to offer UK-wide geographic numbering to IP service providers, enabling  our clients to provide solutions that could compete with traditional telephony services.


From entrepreneurial beginnings….


Founded in 1995 by Linus and Melanie Surguy, Magrathea Systems was named after the custom-world building planet in the Douglas Adams book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy. By 2001, Linus foresaw a seismic market change approaching in the form of IP telephony.

Convinced that this was the future of telecommunications, Linus focused his development team on building software to integrate IP technology with traditional PSTN telephony. In July 2001 Magrathea Telecommunications was launched, quickly building a reputation for innovation, flexibility and reliability.

These founding principles continue to underpin Magrathea’s success in empowering clients to adapt and succeed. The creation of our Mag-Hub provides clients with immediate access to adaptable interoperability. We supply the expertise in wholesale telephony so our clients can focus on their core business.


The way we do business….


At Magrathea we would like to make it as simple as possible to work with us.  Our straight forward pricing structure doesn’t penalise those with lower traffic volumes and the prepaid format helps clients to budget. We offer ease of access to the heart of the UK Carrier network and clients have access to helpful self-serve tools that can be integrated into their own operations. We take pride in our responsive and knowledgeable client support.

We’re serious about our responsibilities around due diligence. This means we’d like to get to know our clients from the start, building effective working relationships.  We have a strong track record of working with clients who are starting out and helping them grow, as well as with established enterprises.



The importance of our involvement in industry…


Right from the start of our beginnings Magrathea has been on the front foot of not only staying current with industry changes but also influencing what changes are needed.  Our involvement continues to grow and is a vital activity which ensures we can:

  • Keep current with all industry developments.
  • Have a voice in maintaining an open and competitive communications sector by contributing to consultations.
  • Keep our clients informed of any regulatory or technical changes.
  • Develop best practices within our own business to ensure we’re compliant with all regulation.


Here are some of the ways we get involved:

  • Magrathea is one of the 12 founding members of CCUK: https://commscouncil.uk/. Membership is now over 100 companies and our MD, Tracey, is the current Chair of the Industry Developments group and co-founder of the Women in Telecoms group.
  • Participating in NICC working groups https://niccstandards.org.uk/
  • Member of the FCS https://www.fcs.org.uk/
  • Regular and appropriate contributions to Ofcom consultations.
  • Participating in panels at industry events.


The values that are important to us…



We empower our clients to be successful in their core business and our staff to be successful in their own careers.


Our connections, in every sense, help our clients to be successful and helps us create a fantastic working environment for our staff.


We continually review and improve our products and services as well as our internal business practices.  We are mindful of our planet and people when we make decisions.