Physical Connectivity

We’re keen to help you with physical connectivity so that you have the best access to resilience, security and options on how you can offer your products to your end-users.  We offer direct access to our core network with an Ethernet connection and if you want to ensure physical maximum security we can arrange a co-location of your equipment with ours. We also offer a fibre broadband product that you can re-sell to your customers with a range of speeds at competitive prices.


Do you want to cut out the Internet and site your equipment as close as possible to our network, in a secure location? Or do you want to enjoy direct connectivity to the Magrathea network, with access to the best IP routes worldwide? We can arrange a co-location with […]

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Ethernet Connectivity

If you’re looking for the fastest, highest quality connection to our systems with a great SLA, or if your customers demand large or dedicated connections, then our Ethernet connectivity service is for you. We can provide an Ethernet connection between our clients and our network, or to any network co-located at […]

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Fibre & Partial Fibre (SOGEA) Broadband

Whether you want to update your product portfolio from a legacy product or add something new, we can help you join the expanding fibre broadband marketplace. We are able to remove many of the barriers of entry with our wholesale expertise. By buying directly from Magrathea, you can offer […]

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