Complete numbering service available

When you need to provide a numbering service for your customers, we can offer you a complete range of UK and Irish numbers to choose from, with full connectivity for IP or PSTN terminated calls. You’ll be accessing our world-class network using high quality carriers to deliver calls to your servers or to your customers, using robust protocols.


Be in control, in real-time

Using our excellent, user-friendly API, you can take complete control over the selection and provision of  your numbering in real-time. Your customers can be up and running in seconds with the numbers that they want. All our numbers are available with value-added services such as voicemail-to-email which will help you build your product range rapidly.


Help with your numbering service when you need it

You can rely on our friendly and knowledgeable Client Focus team for help in complying with industry regulatory procedures. Our client focused support desk is here to help with fault resolution and leveraging our excellent relationship with the carriers in our network.


Number Hosting

If you already have your own Ofcom assigned number ranges but aren’t able to host them yourself, or if you don’t have a direct account with another major carrier, we can help with number hosting on our high quality network. Leasing a BT interconnect partition from […]

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number hosting
Number porting

Number Porting

When new customers sign up for your service, they usually want to keep their existing phone numbers, whether they are migrating complex multi-number switchboards or simple residential telephone lines. We can help you with your number porting requirements. Access to porting in the UK We are able to use our […]

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Chargeable NTS (number translation service)

If you want to route a non-geographic call to a hidden mobile or geographical number, our chargeable NTS is for you. Whether you are offering voicemail services, call redirects or time-based routing to stay in touch with your customers, you can trust our user-friendly API to manage the service in […]

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Chargeable NTS for Client E

Premium Rate Service

Whether you want to provide value-added services, accept micro-payments or offer paid-for content over your line, you can select from our extensive range of premium rate numbers. Callers pay the premium rate call fee through their phone bill. Our excellent out payments ensure a high profit revenue stream. You […]

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