Premium Rate Service

Revenue from your premium rate numbers

Whether you want to provide value-added services, accept micro-payments or offer paid-for content over your line, you can select from our extensive range of premium rate numbers. Callers pay the premium rate call fee through their phone bill. Our excellent out payments ensure a high profit revenue stream.

You can choose from the following services:


If you want customers to contact your call centre or helpdesk through a premium rate number, we can provide the premium rate number, and divert all calls on it to the telephone number of your choice.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Whether you have a recorded information line, or want to receive telephone voting calls, our system can greet your callers with a simple information message or with a series of custom menus and prompts.


Data Collection

As an add-on to our basic IVR services, we can capture information recorded by your callers such as name and address, or competition question responses. We will then forward the recordings to the email address of your choice, for you to review at your leisure.


Our premium rate numbers include:

Single Drop

On a voting line or a simple information line, the caller knows that the call charge will never exceed the pre-set amount, regardless of the call duration.


Pay for Product

If you’re taking micropayments over the phone for low value products, you can earn revenue from this service to cover costs and the customer would pay for the product through their telephone bill.


General Premium Rate

Ideal for competition lines and information services. Callers to these numbers pay a pre-set, per-minute fee whilst connected.


Help when you need it

We offer first-class service, and our client focus team is ready with help and advice when you need us.