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Magrathea Telecommunications offers solutions that can meet your requirements; from mainstream to bespoke, we can help with:


  • UK and International Voice Connectivity
  • UK and Irish numbering
  • IP based and physical connectivity solutions
  • Bespoke solutions for unique projects.


We offer a full range of managed voice and data services so that you can deliver first class solutions to your customers, backed by our carrier-level reliability, transparent pricing and responsive client support.

Magrathea Telecommunications empowers our clients to be successful, so whether you’re just starting out or needing to grow and adapt, contact us about your voice and data needs.

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Bespoke Solutions

If you have a unique or niche project which needs more than our mainstream services, then we have the technical expertise to help; contact our Bus Dev team for an initial discussion.


Numbering in the UK & Ireland

When you need to provide a numbering service for your customers, we can offer you a complete range of UK and Irish numbers to choose from, with full connectivity for IP or PSTN terminated calls. You’ll be accessing our world-class network using high quality carriers to deliver calls to your servers […]

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Voice Connectivity

Our voice connectivity services provide a simple, reliable way for our IP clients to connect to high quality carriers around the world. We offer intelligent switching with automatic fail-over and managed call termination using the best routes. We also provide emergency call handling.

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Physical Connectivity

We’re keen to help you with physical connectivity so that you have the best access to resilience, security and options on how you can offer your products to your end-users.  We offer direct access to our core network with an Ethernet connection and if you want to ensure physical maximum security we can arrange a […]

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IP Connectivity

Using IP Connectivity there are several ways to interconnect with Magrathea.  Exchanging traffic directly between two networks has a number of advantages including greater control over connectivity and routing, reduced single points of failure, and the elimination of transit costs.

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