Number Porting

Fast and easy number porting

When new customers sign up for your service, they usually want to keep their existing phone numbers, whether they are migrating complex multi-number switchboards or simple residential telephone lines. We can help you with your number porting requirements.

Access to porting in the UK

We are able to use our direct relationship with major carriers, including BT, to help provide number portability to your clients. We can port both UK-wide geographic and non-geographic area codes so that your customers can keep their own numbers when moving their service to you.

Access to Irish porting

We can also help with Irish porting.  All Irish porting runs via an integrated porting solution called PortingXS. If a range holder is signed up for PortingXS then we can port numbers with them.  There are slightly different requirements to the UK so in the first instance please contact our porting team for help: 0345 004 0090.

MAGIC portal

For UK ports you can use our MAGIC portal to place orders and track progress.  Our clients can benefit from our tried and trusted procedures whether porting numbers into Magrathea to benefit from our high-quality inbound numbering service or migrating numbers between the leading VoIP companies.  We provide a simple process for migrating customers to your service with minimum cost and disruption.

Help with number porting when you need it

Our efficient and knowledgeable number porting team has deep expertise, built up over many years working with the major networks. Our excellent client focus team is ready with help and advice should you need us.