Client H Fibre & Partial Fibre (SOGEA) Broadband

Client H Fibre & Partial Fibre (SOGEA) Broadband

Small business who currently offer VoIP to domestic and small businesses and would like to increase their portfolio by offering connectivity, but are not big enough to negotiate with large broadband providers such as BT Wholesale.


Client needs:

  • A Fibre broadband solution to add to their existing VoIP services.
  • Favourable rates to enter the marketplace competitively.
  • Ease of ordering and administering Fibre broadband connections.
  • Ability to buy all services from one provider to minimise administration costs and complexities.



  • Magrathea have a Fibre broadband product, offering a range of speeds and prices to match the needs of any end-user.
  • Access to SoGEA where Fibre broadband not yet available.
  • Fibre broadband is one of a range of products our clients can access within the Magrathea platform.



  • Client can take Fibre broadband to their market easily and quickly at competitive rates.
  • Keeping all services under one wholesale provider keeps administration costs and burden to a minimum.
  • Fibre broadband is provisioned by a trusted partner, BT Wholesale, with other providers to follow.


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