Two-Tiered Billing

Two-tiered billing pre or post-paid to fit your existing setup

If you’re a telecommunications provider but you don’t have an in-house billing system, our two-tiered billing service provides the missing link to give you control of customer spending whilst saving costs. Two-tiered billing works seamlessly with our other services, making them more accessible to you. Your calls are charged at the same rate as our standard wholesale products.

Scalable billing for all your end-users

To access two-tiered billing, you make one monthly payment and gain online access to all our billing features. With a mouse click, you can control your end users’ spending on connected traffic by setting prepaid balances or post-paid credit limits. The system is fully scalable, so you can offer the same billing service to all of your customers, from home office workers, to SMEs, right up to corporate clients.

Set up the call, then hand it over to us

In a typical scenario, your own network will handle the interface with your end users before handing the call to us. We will complete the call through our managed connectivity service and bill the end user at the same time. Alternatively, you can deploy our billing system alongside one of our hosting services.

Full online control with two-tiered billing

You have full control over the end user account at all times. With our user-friendly API, you can manage account balances and view real-time call history information. As soon as the call is rated and billed to the user account, your independently managed wholesale account will be debited with our carrier fee for the call so you can view your expenditure in real time.