Client D Hosted Telephony in Northern Ireland

Client D Hosted Telephony in Northern Ireland

Client D, based in Northern Ireland providing hosted telephony has an opportunity to expand into the Republic of Ireland and will need local numbering reflecting the geographic presence.



  • Geo and non-geo numbers in Ireland
  • Clear and simple pricing
  • The ability to port numbers



  • Magrathea provides access to our UK and Irish numbering via the API.
  • Porting is also available so their customers can migrate existing numbers.



  • Set up is simple and once paperwork is completed the client is able to start immediately.
  • Transparent pricing so the client can offer bundle packages to their customer if they wish
  • Access to client portal and API where the client can manage and control numbers and gain access to CDRs
  • Access to the porting portal where the client can instigate and manage porting orders.


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