Managed National and International Voice Connectivity

One of our key services is managed national and international voice connectivity.

Perhaps your requirements are more demanding than basic A-Z services can provide. You may need a bespoke solution spanning continents. Or you require only the best possible call quality and resilience for your service. Our managed national and international voice connectivity can help.

Managed national and international voice connectivity: Good, Better, Best

Our intelligent switching equipment manages all routing in real-time, maintaining service availability over the highest quality routes. In the event of a problem, the call will be automatically re-routed via alternative suppliers. Our engineers perform regular manual checks on underperforming destinations. If you need the very best possible quality, try our “GOLD” routing product.

Pre-pay to stay in control of costs

There is no requirement for credit-checks or the need to take deposits, as our services operate on a strictly pre-pay only basis, protecting you from the effects of fraudulent traffic. Our volume buying power gives you great value-for-money, as well as access to routes not usually available to low-volume traffic.

Plug in to Magrathea

If you have high-volume customers with a need for speed, cut out the Internet and connect directly to us. We have a variety of connection methods to make sure your link to our network is optimal, including BGP for ISP clients and E1 links if you have existing TDM equipment.

Interested in managed national and international voice connectivity?

Please contact us to discuss your managed national and international voice connectivity requirements and let us answer any questions you may have. If you want to try us out we can set up a test account for a limited trial with no costs involved and without obligation. Our packages start from a minimum commitment of £250.00 +VAT.

Here’s an example of how it can support our clients: Case Study: Start Up IT Business