Emergency Services

Emergency services

Emergency calls to 999/112 are an essential service that we all take for granted, but they are often not available to VoIP users.  As a telephony provider, you are likely to be obliged as part of the General Conditions, to give your users the ability to call 999/112. Access to our emergency services enables you to comply with a product that is fully tested by the BT EHA (Emergency Handling Authority).

Getting started with emergency services

To enable this service, you need to submit your customer’s name and address details, making their normal location available to the emergency services. We process the details through software that can be integrated into your own systems using simple PHP scripts. After a short testing period, your customers will be able to make calls to 999/112.

Cost control

When a 999/112 call is made, we handle both the call and the submission of the location information. With our tiered pricing structure, we only charge you for the volume of service you use.

Help when you need it

Our excellent customer focus team is ready with help and advice when you need us.