Get closer to us with co-location

Do you want to cut out the Internet and site your equipment as close as possible to our network, in a secure location? Or do you want to enjoy direct connectivity to the Magrathea network, with access to the best IP routes worldwide? We can arrange a co-location with us in the world-class London Telehouse East Datacentre from 2U to a full 42U rack, depending on your needs. Directly interconnecting with our core network may help you meet your security and resilience requirements.

The London Telehouse East Datacentre is among the most advanced, reliable and secure IT and Communications facilities in the world, with environmental control, high availability, power redundancy up to 2N+1, fire detection and suppression and multi-layer physical security systems. One of 47 Telehouse Datacentres worldwide, if they haven’t got it, then you probably don’t need it.


At the heart of the UK Internet

Choosing this competitively priced co-location service places your equipment at the heart of the UK Internet, directly connected to our core network in the most optimal way. You’ll have access to our full internet connectivity, with multiple links to a variety of IP providers ensuring the best possible routing worldwide for your data.


We’ll keep you up-to-date

You’ll benefit from our world-class IP network, which we are constantly monitoring and updating. This frees you from trying to keep your own connectivity up to date with a rapidly changing Internet. If you are one of our established high-volume customers, you can opt for a direct E1 connection to our switching equipment.