Client A Start-up IT support business

Client A Start-up IT support business

Client A a start-up IT support business that identifies an opportunity to offer VOIP services and hardware as part of their business model. With an extensive IT background but limited telephony experience, they don’t have the in-house resources to interconnect with the wider telecommunications network. They are looking for a cost effective, scalable and readily available solution to get set up in this space.



  • Access to a network with a proven track record in supporting enterprise / small businesses.
  • Client quickly identifies Spain and France as common destinations for calls.



  • Magrathea offers an outbound UK & EU CLI account on a pre-paid basis. This account’ will allow our client to send calls to EU destinations without the surcharge if they are able to present a valid UK or EU CLI. Any calls sent to these destinations without this CLI will be rejected but they can also run a second ‘standard’ account on which to failover and deliver that traffic via a surcharged route.



  • The set up is simple and once the paperwork is completed the client will be able to start making calls immediately.
  • By opening an UK & EU CLI account, they can avoid unnecessary surcharges.
  • As outbound spending increases, preferential tariffs become available.
  • The account is pre-pay so it’s easy to manage cash-flow, the client can top up a minimum of £250 at any time.
  • A low balance warning can be set at any level so the client can be assured they won’t run out of credit on their account without them knowing.
  • The client has access to account information via a portal so they can track spend and adjust fraud controls real time.