Client B SME

Client B SME

Client B, SME has been using Magrathea for outbound calling and inbound numbering for some time but has grown to a size they require their own number ranges allocated from Ofcom. They do not currently have their own network or interconnects with other telcos and require a hosted solution to manage this for them.



  • An established network to host numbers.
  • Capability to port numbers.
  • Ability to offer 0845/0345 ranges with number translation services.
  • Easy access to managing numbers and destinations.
  • Emergency calling capability
  • Option to keep all of the income generated by numbers.



  • Magrathea can manage databuild of ranges for clients.
  • Provide a resilient network with full inbound and outbound capability.
  • Deliver emergency call handling solution.
  • Encrypted CDRs are available on a daily basis.
  • The client manages their numbers via an API, so changes can be made on a 24/7 basis.
  • There is a portal for porting numbers and access to a specialist team for any questions.
  • There different packages available allowing clients to choose to pay for capacity or share revenue.
  • Magrathea has ranges available for 0845/0345 numbers with number translation services and can offer ‘gold numbers’.



  • The client can concentrate on building their business rather than having to become a telecoms network, knowing all of the hard-work of building out ranges is being done behind the scenes.
  • The client can offer flexibility to their customers using Magrathea number stocks to top up in areas they don’t have their own allocations.


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