Client G Mag-Net

Client G Mag-Net

Medium sized company would like to branch into telecoms and offer an inbound solution but have no infrastructure and minimal in-house telecoms knowledge and expertise


Client needs:

  • An inbound call handling solution without the need to operate any telephony servers of their own.
  • Simple option with minimal cost.

Reliable and business quality calls.



  • Magrathea offer Mag-Net which allows complex call control systems to be designed by the client without needing anything more complex than a web server and basic scripting language.
  • Our technology is developed in-house, drawing on industry standards for ultimate carrier grade reliability.



  • Simple set up.
  • Cost effective as client does not need to invest in expensive equipment.
  • All calls will stay on the Magrathea network, minimising points of failure.
  • Flexible- easy to add new features over time on customer demand, such as IVR systems and call routing features.


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