International Women’s Day 2024

Posted on: 8th March 2024, by Alison Kerevan

As Laura highlighted on last year’s IWD, since its launch in 1911, there have been many battles won and sacrifices made by women across the world, working for equality in all spheres.  Today I would like to cheer for something that I think has remained constant for all time.  I would like to celebrate women who every-day, along-side all of their other responsibilities, create and support their families and communities. My definition of families and communities is very broad; women have the power to create and support positive connections to build a family or community wherever they work, rest or play. These connections can last a lifetime or just one conversation.  I’m proud to see the women around me breathe life and meaning into the term inclusion every day, just by being themselves. I think this everyday but exceptional quality is easy to overlook and taken for granted by all of us.  That’s why this year I’d like to take a moment to celebrate and thank all the women in my life, who have made me part of their family, particularly at Magrathea.  You are all superstars!