Happy International Women’s Day

Posted on: 8th March 2021, by Magrathea

Celebrating International Women’s Day


It’s International Women’s Day today and it got me thinking about the telecoms industry that we work in and how diverse it is becoming. I started working for Magrathea 10 years ago and often attended industry events where I was often the youngest and one of few women in the room. Fast forward 10 years and I notice this has changed quite dramatically.

Many of the larger telecoms companies have women on their senior management team, including BT, Colt and Talk Talk however smaller CP’s generally don’t appear to have the same level of representation. Why is this? It could be argued that the larger organisations are more likely to come under fire for not having a diverse team.  However regardless of the organization size, a varied team will always be a huge benefit to any company. It is sure to add different views, approaches and allow for fairer representation across the team and company as a whole.

As a smaller wholesaler, we have two male directors and two female directors and this has proven to work really well for us. With a team that is predominantly made up of females it made sense for a female to be part of the senior management team and “represent” the majority of the team.  For example, Tracey has been with Magrathea for 18 years and a Director for 10 years and her input has been invaluable. She is an inspiration to many of us here and is the glue that holds us all together, particularly over the last year!

At Magrathea, we are known to have a majority female team however in recent years this is balancing out and we have just as many males now. Regardless of gender, we believe we have a great team which adds a wide range of knowledge, skill sets and personalities!

Written by Hayley West