Employee Spotlight for April- Bridie

Posted on: 12th April 2024, by Alison Kerevan

Many of our clients will know Bridie as she has been doing a superb job working in our porting team and has recently become the porting team leader.  It’s a busy area of the business so we were lucky to be able to grab some time with her, with a cup of tea of course, to find out how things are going.


  • What are your favorite things about working for Magrathea ?


I enjoy working at Magrathea because no day is ever the same! I have great support from all of the team and whenever there is a challenge everyone is knowledgeable and willing to help.


  • What are the most significant changes in the time you have been here?


There are two main things, firstly the launch of the new MAGIC porting portal.  It has brought fantastic improvements both for clients and for making processing easier behind the scenes.

Also the introduction of SOGEA/Broadband products which are a great asset although do bring their own challenges.


  • What do you think will be the biggest challenges for porting in 2024?


For porting in general, across the whole industry, it will be One Touch Switching (and the business equivalent) … when it appears!  Although the launch has been delayed it is going to happen and here at Magrathea we’re developing ideas on how we can best support clients as well as our own team so we can manage the adjustments needed.   On a personal note, I’ve recently taken on the role of porting team leader so I have more challenges and things to learn – I’m ready to embrace what’s next!


  • And finally, how do you enjoy spending time outside of work?


Having fun with my family, I love being with my two kids.  I enjoy climbing at the hanger in Reading and have recently purchased a kayak that we have started using now the weather is improving. I also love food, cooking …eating… 😊



Bridie is great at facing challenges and she is already doing a fantastic job as porting team leader; we know the team will be well supported for whatever comes along next.  Whilst she’s mentioned her love of food, her capacity for drinking tea is also quite legendary – so she fits in brilliantly at Magrathea.