Employee spotlight for March – Lucy

Posted on: 18th March 2024, by Magrathea

For our March staff profile we’ve managed to catch up with Lucy our network manager.  She is leading the team on completing a number of important projects which will future proof the resilience of our network, so we were lucky to grab 5 minutes of her time, catching up with a cup of tea on the sofa with Dash the dog of course!

You’ve been with Magrathea for nearly 16 years, as our network manager what do you feel most proud about working here?

I’m really proud of our technical team; our in-house expertise and knowledge means we operate a well-connected, reliable, resilient network, without the complications of external vendors.  I feel particularly proud that our network is already geared up for the transition to full IP.  Having everything in house means we’re in control and can offer flexibility of solutions to our clients.  We love the challenge of a unique business idea.

There’s a lot going on at the moment in the Telco world, what do you see as your current main challenge?

Apart from the obvious IP transition and all that brings with trying to make calls continue to work over legacy systems, I think for us, the introduction of surcharging on UK networks continues to create headaches. With seemingly minimal regulation and uniformity; its introduction created confusion with our clients and risks of pricing mishaps. Whilst we have put a lot of work in to minimise the risks to us and ultimately end users, it would still be really helpful to have some regulation or at least guidelines published to bring the pricing more in line, making it easier to filter down to end users. It feels like I’ve been saying that for a long time now.

You have a senior role in what is traditionally known as a male dominated world, what has made you successful and what advice would you give anyone wanting a career in the Telco industry?

I think there are lots of ways to be successful in this industry as the types of roles are so varied.  I didn’t set out to be a network manager, I’ve had a number of different roles before getting here but my interest and skills lead me down this path.  I’m also fortunate to have supportive people around me who have encouraged me to develop.  My advice would be to explore and develop your own abilities, maybe you will need to try different things but make sure you always enjoy what you do.  Success, whatever that means for you, will usually follow.

And finally, before you and Dash, have to dash, what do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’m really into my fitness and when possible, I love to travel, preferably on a lovely big cruise liner.  Animals are also a very important part of my life and Dash is our latest rescue dog.  He loves coming in the office and making himself comfy on the sofas.


As always, it’s great to spend some time with Lucy. She has a critical role here and is always very modest and generous in sharing what she knows; we’ve only just scratched the surface with this catch up.  However as much as we love Lucy, Dash also has a very important role and if you follow our postings about our company dogs you will know he usually is in charge of us all when in the office.