Employee Profile – Ben Protheroe

Posted on: 24th June 2020, by Magrathea

Careers at Magrathea: Ben Protheroe – Porting Administrator

Ben is our newest recruit joining us back in January.  He joined the Porting team providing support and administration help.  Ben has already made such a big impact to the team.

Asking Ben what he most enjoys about working at Magrathea, after a short time of being with us he said it has to be the people.

“Everyone is friendly and approachable if you have any issues. The fact the majority of staff have been working here for years is definitely testament to the positive working environment!”

With the current situation we are in and not being able to go into the office, Ben says at the moment he is missing the face to face interaction and banter of our office and is looking forward to the day it is safe for us all to be back.

Ben hasn’t seen many changes to Magrathea as a company as he has not been with us long enough, but he did add that obviously lock down has been a change for everyone.

“Given the circumstances I consider myself very lucky to be working for a company that has adapted so well to the challenges arisen from this crisis”.

Ben is still learning new things every day and even though we work to standard processes he still finds each day brings new challenges which is rewarding in itself.

In his spare time Ben’s big passion is music, Ben is an avid vinyl collector and enjoys spending his spare time hunting out new music he’s not heard before. Ben enjoys cooking and has even started brewing his own beer!