The future for Magrathea interconnects

Posted on: 26th May 2021, by Magrathea

Our followers will know that we have shown a particular interest in the future of IP interconnect lobbying Ofcom about the benefits of maintaining a fair and transparent wholesale market.   We reported a while ago about the results of the latest Ofcom market review and were pleased to see some of the remedies we had pushed for being included.

Going forward we will see BT obligated to provide IP interconnect on a ‘fair and reasonable’ basis and with ‘non-discriminatory’ terms.  This, alongside more general views from Ofcom about pricing, standards and transparency should promote the migration away from TDM to IP networks at a higher rate than we have seen to date.

Having said that, Magrathea has been utilising a mix of TDM and IP routes for a number of years now, taking advantage of the best of each technology, the most efficient routing options and maximising carrier relationships.

Our business was originally created to offer interoperability between signalling protocols in an accessible, cost effective way.  We have focussed on providing a solid network to support and underpin the wide and varied solutions our clients bring to market.  Motivated by a need to provide reliable and high-capacity solutions we have invested heavily for many years in our interconnect relationships.

Whilst there is much change ahead for our industry, Magrathea remain steadfast in our commitment to offer great interoperability at a carrier level which in turn provides our clients with the best connectivity for the minimum effort and expenditure.  Via our ‘MagHub’ we take responsibility for the interactions between our network and key carriers where we are able to accommodate the array of network standards and quirks of interoperability meaning our clients can focus on what they do best.

It is fair to say that the path we are on isn’t entirely smooth.  Each interconnect partner presents a fresh set of challenges, particularly when working with clients who have unique or unusual setups, so we have really appreciated the support and patience of our longstanding clients who have worked with us to resolve any issues as we build and expand our network.

Here at Magrathea we are excited about the future and look forward to the continued growth of our MagHub solution.  If you aren’t already a client benefiting from our extensive connectivity please do get in touch and see how we might be able to help you.