The challenging times continue

Posted on: 6th May 2020, by Magrathea

Whether you are thriving or clinging on by your finger nails, one thing that is true for most people is that it’s been a very strange few weeks and likely to stay that way for a good while yet.

All the time human beings are running the show we will have many ‘what if’s’ and concerns to keep us awake at night.  Even the most prepared business will be somewhat disconcerted by all the unknowns in this scenario.

Magrathea has been no different, we are all so grateful to be in an industry that has for many years enabled us to work flexibly and, most importantly, remotely from our core network.  With communications being a key part of any crisis-management, our team feel great pride in supporting a number of projects that are playing a role in supporting initiatives for healthcare, education, social and other key services.

But as we start to see some glimmers of hope on the horizon and we wait for the government to set out a staged plan to return some normality we are already focussing on the needs of our clients going forward.

There are many opinions out there, some suggesting we will soon settle back into ‘normal’ and many suspecting things will never go back to how they were.  More homeworking and video calls being the most popular suggestions and we are inclined to agree that many organisations will be under pressure to re-assess how they manage their teams.

We are using this time to try and learn as much as we can from our clients, to better understand their needs and to make sure our development and support teams are working on things that they will need in the coming months as we all adjust to the new ‘normal’.

If we haven’t been in touch yet and you have ideas you would like to share with us please do contact us.