Staffing Profile

Posted on: 12th May 2022, by Magrathea

Name: Solomon Nwogu : Junior Systems Administrator

Solomon joined our team in January this year as a Junior Systems Administrator, having graduated from University with a BSc(Hons) in Computer Networks. He is responsible for the day to day maintenance of our office based IT and  also assists the wider  technical team with network management, monitoring and our datacentre work.

We asked Solomon what he enjoys most about his job. To which he replied…

”The history, the mixture of experience and the knowleadge of all the staff at Magrathea. They all share a common goal to help and educate each other and work as a team to achieve the best end result.”

When asked what he least enjoys, Solomon told us that he couldn’t think of anything because his role is busy and varied, in the physical and technical sense, which he tells us he “enjoys very much.

We asked Solomon what has changed in his brief time at Magrathea so far. He told us that the

“vast array of technology he has come across so far in his time with Magrathea, has been altered already, the network is always evolving and upgrading” Which confirms we’ve definitely been keeping him busy but with his desire to keep learning this seems to suit Solomon!

When asked what he finds the most challenging or rewarding about his role. Solomon said,

“The variety of technology you touch, from VMware to Linux, to networking, have been the most challenging and the most rewarding. However, the mixture of experience, knowledge and friendships I have gained from my colleagues at Magrathea is definitely the most rewarding part.”

Solomons hobbies outside of work are varied, but he mostly enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends and also playing, and watching football. He tells us he’s a huge Manchester United fan.