Month of minutes, lifetime of calls

Posted on: 18th December 2019, by Magrathea

We hope that many of you will remember the article we published earlier this year about why voice calls matter; whatever changes the industry sees to the underlying technology of making calls happen, we strongly believe voice calls will be around for many years to come. We have a passion for communication and always strive to help our clients grow and develop and this got us thinking…

A year down the line, we still believe in the importance of voice calls. Technology in telecoms is continually evolving and with copper withdrawal imminent, the next few years will signal some of the biggest changes in communications we have seen in some time.

But change doesn’t mean that voice calls will stop – there will always be the need to pick up a phone and talk to people, it’s more personable than a written message and we think that the culture of needing to speak will endure.

Every day we speak to our clients, prospective clients, new entrants to the VoIP market and new businesses and we always enjoy helping where we can. This continued interest and growth shows that people are still using phones and making calls despite the evolution in telephony and communication technology.

In fact, one of our reports recently highlighted that in one month we are switching nearly 80 years’ worth of calls on just one of our products…the fact that we are still switching a lifetime of calls in one month just goes to show that people still like to pick up the phone and talk regardless of the technology behind the call.