Magrathea Newsletter May 2022

Posted on: 24th May 2022, by Magrathea

Welcome to the latest edition of the Magrathea Newsletter, combining news from Magrathea and around the industry.


Telecom Fraud on the rise

We have sadly seen no decrease in customers being hit by equipment compromises and hacked switchboard type fraud, as fast as security moves on the fraudsters seem to move faster.  Last year we published a document about telecommunications fraud, it is in no way exhaustive or designed to be used in place of any measures you currently take, but it may be useful in some way to some of you. You can access the document here:

If you have any questions about telecommunications fraud or would like to use any of the additional authentication or limited tariffing options we offer, please contact


Future of Telephone Numbers

Ofcom started consulting on the future of telephone numbers back in 2019 and again in 2020, which we summarised briefly in a previous article , and now they have finally issued a statement.  This statement only covers two of the three key points, relating to geographic numbers so we anticipate there will be a statement about 084/087 numbers to follow. Our full thoughts on this can be can be read here


Treating Vulnerable Customers Fairly

The latest Ofcom consultation has recently been released on treating vulnerable customers fairly. We have summarised the consultation, please do take a moment to read through our article here:


Number Porting Quick Start Guide

The Porting Industry Process Group  has recently published a new guide to porting numbers, called “Number Porting Quick Start Guide” which you may find useful if you are new to the world of number porting, this can be found here:


Number Packages

We offer a complete range of UK and Irish numbers including geographic numbers, freephone numbers, NGCS and VoIP numbers. Numbers are provisioned and managed via our APIs, all our numbers have the option to be delivered to you or your client over SIP or IAX2, or via our added value services such as fax to email or voicemail to email.

On our standard deal, geographic (01 and 02) numbers are charged at 50p per number per month with a minimum commitment of £100 per month. We also offer our ‘Low Start’ Numbering Package where customers can take up to 100 geographic numbers available for £180 per quarter. There is no time limit on how long you can stay as ‘Low Start’. 03 numbers are available at no charge to customers on either of these geographic packages.

There are no monthly charges for NGCS, 05 or 07 numbers. Outpayments available can be viewed on our NTS Schedule, which is available here:

If you are interested in taking numbering services from us, or adding different number types to the numbering you already take, please contact our support team who will be very happy to help.


Magrathea Secure RTP

Magrathea’s Secure RTP product allows for both the voice and signalling traffic associated with a telephone call to be protected from interception and monitoring through the use of TLS to protect the SIP signalling and SRTP to provide encryption of the audio RTP traffic.

The product is designed to give you greater peace of mind about the integrity of the calls being sent to your network.

For more information about our Secure RTP product please contact or give us a call on 0345 004 0040.


Video tutorials for our Client self service tools

Our new series of brief videos showcasing our client tools have been very popular so far. Here are reminders of the links to two of the ones we have had great feedback about how useful they are. If you would like more details about any of these client tools and how they can help you manage your Magrathea accounts, please contact

Introduction to our Client Portal and API –

Introduction to our Numbering API –

As always here at Magrathea we appreciate your comments and feedback, if there is anything you would like to contact us about, or you would like to opt out of receiving future newsletters, please email