Magrathea Newsletter 29th September 2020

Posted on: 28th October 2020, by Magrathea

Welcome to the latest edition of the Magrathea Newsletter, combining news from Magrathea and around the industry.

Congratulations to all the winners at the ITSPA awards

A very big congratulations to all the winners and all those highly commended as well, at the ITSPA awards last week. The awards ceremony by necessity was rather different this year and was held online. Whilst we all missed the canapés and the real life opportunity for a catch up, the spirit of the event was much the same. A brilliant celebration of our innovative industry and to highlight the support that technology has provided to many sectors, both in normal times and especially through the last strange six months.

ITSPA did a fantastic job bringing us all together for these awards – it was really well done and we were especially proud to be sponsors again this year of such a great event. For more information on ITSPA and the work they do, please see here:

Colocation Space

We currently have some space available for colocation in our suite in Telehouse East, with prices starting from £340 per month for a quarter rack.

The London Telehouse East Datacentre is among the most advanced, reliable and secure IT and Communications facilities in the world, with environmental control, high availability, power redundancy up to 2N+1, fire detection, suppression, and multi-layer physical security systems.

If you would like to talk about colocation, please contact our sales team on

Number Packages

We offer a complete range of UK and Irish numbers; including geographic numbers, freephone numbers, NGCS and VoIP numbers. Numbers are provisioned and managed via our APIs, all our numbers have the option to be delivered to you or your client over SIP or IAX2, or via our added value services such as fax to email or voicemail to email.

On our standard deal, geographic (01 and 02) numbers are charged at 50p per number per month with a minimum commitment of £100 per month.

We also offer our ‘Low Start’ Numbering Package where customers can take up to 100 geographic numbers available for £180 per quarter. There is no time limit on how long you can stay as ‘Low Start’

03 numbers are available at no charge to customers on either of these geographic packages.

There are no monthly charges for NGCS, 05 or 07 numbers. Out payments available can be viewed on our NTS Schedule, which is available here: If you are interested in taking numbering services from us, or adding different number types to the numbering you already take, please contact our Support team who will be very happy to help.

Gold numbers

Gold numbers are available within all our number ranges. Memorable numbers or attractive repeating digit patterns will enable your customer to maximise their sales opportunities and will provide an excellent return on investment when used in advertising.


One of our traditional products that will be familiar to many clients – Chargeable Number Translation Service – has evolved over the years to suit our evolving sector and to meet specific client demands. However, the most significant development of this product to take place in recent times is perhaps worth sharing with you all now, while we see a seismic shift to ‘all IP’ solutions and many Communication Providers are moving away from traditional telephony solutions.

Mag-Net is the name of our enhanced Chargeable NTS product. Mag-Net gives you the ability to control the behaviour of incoming calls real-time, using only HTTPS commands. Utilising this greater level of interoperability with our network, this tool is ideally suited to any Communication Provider who wishes to have full control over call processing without the overhead of telephony switching equipment or in-house telecoms specialists.

Once a number is assigned to Mag-Net this allows complex call control systems to be designed your side, without needing anything more advanced than a webserver and a basic scripting language like PHP. As well as allowing you to instantly request routing changes, respond to live key presses or play messages, Mag-Net also tells you when calls begin and end so you can create your own call records and statistics.


Due to a steady increase in workload, we are currently recruiting for several roles, initially based out of our friendly offices in Theale, near Reading in Berkshire (Covid guidelines dependent!) The roles are Support Team member, Senior Software Developer and Systems Admin/3rd Line Support. To find out more on these roles, please contact Vicki –

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