Coronavirus Contingency Planning

Posted on: 17th March 2020, by Magrathea

With the unprecedented challenges we expect to be facing over the coming weeks and months, it is more important now than ever that communication providers can provide a stable service.  The inevitable increase in reliance on voice calls to keep businesses trading, keep people in social contact and to maintain key services, means that our clients will be under even more pressure than usual.  Already this week we have seen a 34% increase in traffic volumes when compared to a month ago.

At Magrathea we are aware that we are a key supplier for many communication providers.  It is imperative that we can continue to provide network access and support and so, like most other organisations, we have been busy testing our contingency plans over the previous few days.  We are in the fortunate position of being geographically diverse with a number of home workers so we are already experienced with remote working practices and have now tested our business with every member of the team working remotely.

We have also carried out a full review of all of our key functions to ensure that we have adequate back up cover in each area if the worst should happen and some members of the team are unable to work due to ill-health.  A copy of our full contingency plan is available here:

If any of our clients need additional support or guidance through this period please do contact us and we will do our best to help you keep your business on track.