Caller Line Identity

Posted on: 26th September 2018, by Magrathea

Ofcom has published new General Conditions of Entitlement, which come into force on 1st October. An item of particular interest to our clients in the new publication is C6 – Calling Line Identification Facilities. Download the full document here.

This Condition sets out guidance on how all Communications Providers (CPs) involved in the origination, transmission and termination of a call in the UK must now handle the Calling Line Identification (CLI) data that is presented with the call.

Ofcom now requires that the CLI data is passed on to the end user as a valid and dialable telephone number which uniquely identifies the caller. This is particularly important when calls are passed through two or more networks. If CLI data is not handled consistently, it may not be passed on accurately.

They also require that CPs will identify and stop, block or filter any calls that are presented with an invalid or non-dialable number, to reduce the volume of nuisance and fraudulent calls. Privacy marking of calls must still be respected.

If you have any queries, or would like to talk to Magrathea about how we can help you implement the new guidelines, please get in touch.