Author: Hayley West

Introducing our Numbering Portal

Posted on: 6th March 2024, by Hayley West

For an easier way to allocate and manage your numbers we now have a new numbering tool on our MAGIC portal. This short video gives a demonstration of how it works. If you would like to set up access then please contact us

The invention of the first ever telephone

Posted on: 7th March 2023, by Hayley West

first ever telephone

In a world where technology is constantly changing we had to mark the anniversary of where, for our sector, it all started. With the invention of the telephone and first phone call by the pioneering inventor Alexander Graham Bell, 147 years ago! A few years after his groundbreaking invention was patented, Bell was quoted with […]

Introduction to our Numbering API

Posted on: 2nd February 2022, by Hayley West

Here is the third in our new series of brief video summaries, showcasing our client tools and support systems. If you would like more detail about our inbound numbering package or Numbering API and how they can help you manage your Magrathea accounts, please contact