Magrathea Newsletter – 20th October 2021

Posted on: 21st October 2021, by Magrathea

Welcome to the latest edition of the Magrathea Newsletter, combining news from Magrathea and around the industry.

EECC changes coming up in December

In December, Ofcom published their final statement detailing the plan for implementing the new European Electronic Communications Code.  We now have clarity about which changes will be made and when and not much altered from the article we published late last year (see for details).

A few small changes have already been added to the General Conditions and Numbering Plan just to reflect the end of the EU withdrawal period.  However, there are a few more significant ones coming that will come into play between December 2021 and December 2022, we will circulate an updated compliance guide in due course to ensure our advice reflects Ofcom General Conditions at each stage.

Switching and porting, can it be quick and easy?

Ofcom have recently published the long-awaited statement on the new switching process to be applied to residential landline and/or broadband users.  Whilst much thought seems to have been given to the switching, very little has been said about the movement of the telephone number itself – the number porting – as part of a change of supplier. Both the OTA and NICC have working groups involved in hashing out the finer details around this and Magrathea will be involved as much as we can be to represent our clients and our own interests in number portability.

For more information on the changes and our thoughts around them, please see this article we published last week:

Comms Council UK Awards

A very big congratulation to all the winners and all those highly commended as well, at the CCUK awards held at the end of last month at the SeaContainers, London.  It was lovely to see everyone in real life again.  As usual CCUK did a fantastic job of organising a brilliant event.

Well done everyone, we were very proud to be sponsors again this year. For more information on CCUK and the work they do, please see here:

Comms Council UK Christmas Lunch

We will be sponsoring this year’s CCUK Christmas lunch again and would like to offer an invite to some of our clients to join us – as much as we would like to take you all with us, we’ll extend this on a first come first served basis! It is being held 9th December from 2pm at The Marylebone Hotel, London.  If you are interested in joining us for what is always a brilliant chance to catch up and round off the year, please email .

Client Portal Video

This is a very exciting update from us, as we launch the first in our new series of brief video summaries, that will be showcasing our client tools and support systems.

Please take a look at the video on our website here:

Your feedback as always will be welcomed, and if you don’t already use the Client Portal or RestAPI and would like to, please drop us an email to so that we can get you set up with access to these tools.

Colocation space

We currently have some space available for colocation in our suite in Telehouse East, with prices starting from £340 per month for a quarter rack.

The London Telehouse East Datacentre is among the most advanced, reliable and secure IT and Communications facilities in the world, with environmental control, high availability, power redundancy up to 2N+1, fire detection and suppression and multi-layer physical security systems.

If you would like to talk about colocation, please contact our sales team on

As always here at Magrathea we appreciate your comments and feedback, if there is anything you would like to contact us about, or you would like to opt out of receiving future newsletters, please email